machaocha (machaocha) wrote,

Recap Of Life

I was going to make a one year one post but a year and three months passed before I realized that oops, not one year one post then >_<.
Without further ado let's start the recap of 2016.

2016 started with a bit on depressing side, work is tiring and getting worse and worse, boss was super stressing and no raise pay happened. I started to seriously trying to find a new better job.

On April I got 2 job offers, wow me! I chose one and rejected the other. By June I've quit the job I was working for the past 2.5 years and started on the new job that promised better pay, better colleagues and better working situation.

On July, I was jobless and unemployed. Turned out the job that I chose was even worse than my former job and the owner was a scammer/frauder/flat out liar.

To cut the story short, since the I have been looking for a new job and is back being a freelancer; doing admin consultancy, baking, etc.

inside in it's pretty depressing and entirely not a good life, 2016 was. And now is March 2017 and I haven't got stable job I'm looking for yet.

Outside looking in, people never can guessed what's happening in me. They always think my life is steady peaceful and overall okay. well if only they knew lol. But there's no point in telling someone your miserable pathetic story if that someone can't even be a good listener or being a good friend, let alone trying to help ease your burden of life, hah.

I should stop this post here, because basically that's it. no needs for further details imo. It's a recap, not a point by point review lol.

So now, dear ol me, all the best wishes for yourself after this, I need a helluva good luck to survive.

Sincerely, me.
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