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It's finally truly exists, the journal of me! Which took about thousands of days before I finally decided yes, I'm going to have one and really going to make one. 

Here is where I'll put what's in my mind at a moment of time when I have time to sit down and write the jumblings.

To whoever who'd get stumbled here, let me say welcome to you. Hope you'd be an open minded person.  It's near the end of the world so please be mindful and kind, you don't know when you're going to die so make the best of every second of your life.

Until then...
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Shez, add meeeeeehhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! (And omg your icon, you are using the picture from Matcha Moon. XD)
will add you in five minutes....
yeah, look atm name darling, there isn't any other pic that will be more fitting than THAT!!!! LOL!!!!

I am so happy at the moment coz i finally have internet connection and its wireless so, anywhere, as long as ther's electricity, I'll be ON!!!! YEAH!!!!

sheeez, did you de-friend me? :{
of course not. what's the matter?
di lj lo, gue ga termasuk daftar friends, jadinya kalo lo post friends-only, gue ga bisa liat :3 coba cek deh, huhu
btw where are you now? masih disini ga?
no. im back in malay.. itu sih lo!!! everytime i hang out with amychan you always couldn't make it so.... we didnt meet at all while i was back!!!!
i was in jakarta for a month ya know~~~~ !!
hows you s2?