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At The End Of 2015

Well Hello..... it's been few years.

A bit recap: 2011 was crazy, the moment in my life where there are more bad things happen than the good ones. 2012 was worse, It was crazy and painful and full of angst. 2013 was when things finally start moving on albeit with bruises everywhere. 2014 was full of many things such as a new place to live and I was officially rebuilding my new life with healing bruises from before.

And 2015. There are few turning points and meaningfull means in this year.

First and the most important is that when I realized that even though my life has felt better than two years before, it still not going anywhere. I have goals and for them to be reached and fulfilled, I need to make changes in my life once again. First is to start a job hunt again ((the current job situation is not healthy. It's not comfortable at all, psychologically. The place is toxic)). By early next year at the latest, I have to find a better place to work.  

Second is that we have to move once again coz darling landlord one-sidedly canceled our still six month lease and 'asked' ((demand)) us to empty the house by the end of the year. Talk about not proffesional and all other bad attitude personality. Went on a house hunt like crazy for a month and Thank God at least now it's settled. A bit farther away but nearer to a train station and within 5km from the nearest Toll gate so.. yeah. That's the few only perks but still better than none ((a reminderto self  that no matter what I have to able to buy my own house in less than 2 years ahead)). Hope the new house will accompany us to a better future, amen.

Third, I feel I've matured and grown up more. Heh. There's really no stopping in learning things for someone. I understand that wholly now, or at least better. By learning it's not 'studying' theories or the likes. But more to understanding things emotionally and how you socially live yourlife fully and nicely, with respect and honour.

Fourth, siblings are still an itch under your skin that you can't dig out no matter what. While parents are children, just bigger in size. I don't have to have a child to know what it feel to be living with one. Try two at the same time. Yeap, darling mom and dad lol.

I'm anticipating 2016. Highly. I really want to taste big, oustanding turning points in my life that haven't yet ever happened to me. ((Buying my own house for an example :D. Or having that perfect job)).

Thank you 2015, for the great lessons and wisdoms.

And looking forward for you 2016!!! Bring it on!!!!
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